Gear for Luxury Watch


  • System Used: Leitz Infinity Pitch Ø: 0.722 mm
  • Reference Ø: 0.512 mm
  • Number of Teeth: 9
  • Shaft Length: 2 mm
  • Shaft Ø: 0.08 / 0.092 mm


A renowned Swiss watch manufacturer from the premium luxury segment entrusted us with the first-sample inspection of a gear wheel. In a watch movement, the precision of every component is crucial. This is particularly critical for gearwheels. The gearwheel to be measured, with a pitch diameter of only 0.722 mm and nine teeth, posed a special challenge for tactile 3D measurement technology. However, due to the tight tolerance requirements, only this method was suitable.

The appropriate measuring system that met the high requirements was our Leitz Infinity. The probe used with a diameter of 0.2 mm proved to be optimal. The expanded measurement uncertainty, adjusted to the specific characteristics, averaged 0.16 µm. The two cylinders with Ø0.08 and Ø0.092 mm were measured, as well as the tooth characteristics (including diameter, reference diameter, diametral diameter, tooth spacing, pitch, and roundness) on three levels, as well as the concentricity or coaxiality of the teeth and shaft.