• System used: Leitz Infinity
  • Measurement software: Quindos
  • Extended angle measurement uncertainty: 0.00009°
  • Laboratory quality ISO/IEC 2627, first class

At the limits of possibility

Acutronic is the global market leader in the development, design and manufacture of Inertial Guidance Test (IGTS) systems, Vibration Testing Systems (VTS) and single- and multi-axis Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) motion simulators. These high-precision motion simulators are used in aeronautics and spaceflight (both manned and unmanned), as well as in the defense and automotive industries, to test and calibrate inertial sensors (e.g. sensors that measure movement). High-precision, calibrated reference objects are required in order to calibrate motion simulators and user systems in a wide ranges of sectors.

This calibration requires tools that can meet extremely demanding requirements in terms of accuracy, precision and reliability. The permitted deviation has to be less than a single arcsecond – that’s like being able to hit a bottle cap from ten kilometres away. With our «ADVANCED» accuracy level, we have the infrastructure we need to successfully complete tasks with the most demanding of measuring requirements.