What we offer


Maximum precision in the sub-micrometre range, fast series measurements with standard accuracy, calibration and component measurement – we perform each task at the most appropriate accuracy level. At the same time, we minimise risks and optimise costs.


Our equipment and infrastructure cover the entire field of tactile and optical 3D measurement technology, from individual parts to large-scale production. That’s why we are your ideal partner for component testing and have the optimum solution for you – both with regard to expertise and costs.

3D measurement: FACTS

  • Tactile and optical component measurement
  • Measurement of smallest to medium-sized components
  • In-process testing
  • Initial sampling/ISIR
  • Accuracy right down to the sub-micrometre range
  • Individual parts and large-scale production
  • Gearwheels from module 0.2

3D calibration (SCS)

We have a variety of calibration machines with varying degrees of accuracy up to the level of the national institutes. We can thus calibrate your gauges, standard reference gauges and reference bodies to the accuracy that is practical and economical.

3D calibration: FACTS

  • Excellent laboratory environment for maximum accuracy and repeatability
  • Laboratory environment 20°+/- 0.4° / relative humidity 43% +/-3%
  • Consideration of both cost-related and technical aspects
  • Long-term experience in 3D calibration

Computer tomography

Industrial computer tomography offers interesting solutions for non-destructive component testing with regard to both technology and costs. We have systems that cover a wide spectrum and offer high resolutions and fast X-ray times for individual parts as well as large-scale production.

Computer tomography (CT): FACTS

  • ISIR/sampling
  • Series testing
  • Visualisation of hidden elements
  • Graphical target/actual comparison
  • Individual parts
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Cavity analysis
  • Functional analyses
  • Complete geometric component measurement
  • And much more